Not ready Yet - Performance en Helsinki

Being in Finland is not just a matter of "waw how cool is this country that everything works so good", but also "lets explore what is going on here" and that's not an easy job since I spend most of my time either working or searching for information for my Master Thesis... 

Last Friday 7th of September, due a to personal recommendation, we had the opportunity to enjoy one of the performances by Willem Wilhelmus & Tomasz Szrama which was part of their project "Not ready yet" 

The "show" had several parts, during the first one I took some snaps since I couldn't believe what I was seeing. It was so meaningful!  

Willem at the first stage of wrapping Tomasz with old invoices or similar.

Unusual music playing on the meantime, as atmospheric as random 

Willem asked for help, so much work to be done.

And there was Tomasz 
During the second part of the performance, after a coffee brake, they showed us some short videos of other performances the have recorded in Jangva gallery, my two favorites "Looking down" and one about the time (I can't remember the title, but the way of approaching time was just amazing).

The third and forth part held both short guests' performances and I couldn't snap them since the public was needed for the action.

I warmly recommend art lovers to have a glance over their websites, and, if possible, to come over Jangva gallery next Friday and see the final presentation. They might repeat what they did for the opening and I have heard (and seen on their websites' pictures) it was quite spectacular.

On our way back home, biking (of coouuurse), Finland presented us one more wonderful sunset. Although this is almost regular in Helsinki I can't avoid stopping over and taking some pictures, the feeling is just great.

Sunset from Hakaniemi
This country makes you feel part of the Earth in a very unique way.

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