Finally finished, I was so glad to get to know this wonderful piece of Finnish design!!! The construction works started last summer few weeks before my departure, and I was wondering if I would have the chance to enjoy it.

Fast glance of the Chapel from my bike...

Today, finally, I am developing this post to share a wonderful creation of K2S architects with all of you who are far away from Finland and who, hopefully, will come over and enjoy it sometimes.

Visualization by K2S architects

Located close to Kamppi Station, this small wooden chapel introduces a place for silence and peace in the lively commercial centre of Helsinki, actually the 2nd most active hub in Finland after Cetral Railway Station.


Elevation from Kamppi

Elevation from Annanaukio

Transversal section across the Chapel

The chapel space is located in a sculptural wooden volume, with a warm interior, enclosed from the surrounding busy urban life. 

Indirect toplight enlightens the interior aims to create a balanced atmosphere which emphasizes the silence you can enjoy in there. The sensation is really wonderful.

iPhone picture of the indirect lighting

Few days ago Plataforma Arquitectura posted some pictures of this great project and I have taken one of their pictures to show you the Chapel ceiling better. Check it out, it's really amazing.

For further details check K2S webpage or come to Helsinki!! :)

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