Spring in Lahti

Few days ago my friend Amelia came to visit me and we took the chance to visit some nice places. Also the weather was amazing so we couldn't skip a stopover in Lahti.

It's very easy to get there; there are trains form Helsinki Railway Station (Rautatientori) almost each 30 minutes (some of them are these "pendolino" fast train, so it takes just 1hour to get there) and the student price is around 8€ one way ticket (10€ if it is a "pendolino")

I have had already been there, for the winter games last March but obviously it was all frozen and completely different from what we saw last week. So in today's post I leave you a couple of shots of the very nice walk we had from the Railway Station to the harbor and then back to Helsinki. Hope you enjoy them!!!

Helsinki train station
Park on the way to the harbour
Lahti Harbour 
Summer sauna. From Wood Program people
Repetitive elements on the harbor. Be maths my friend.
Explaining some bullshit about log houses
In spring trees grows the most
Typical sweets. Delicious!
Beautiful bus stop close to Sibeliustalo. Made of wood. Amazing

Sibelius Hall. Once more I couldn't get inside :(
Amelia on the harbor
Have a tea enjoying the afternoon in this nice cafe.

Lahti city hall
More info about Lahti...

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