Spontaneous-planned grill at Otaniemi

Otaniemi, as far as it is completely surrounded by forest and sea shores, is full of places for making barbecues where the atmosphere is amazing.
During these first summer days and we are having a lot of sun, so we take each day we can the opportunity to go outside for a grill.
In today's post I wanna show you yesterday's spontaneous-planned grill* that turned out to be one of the best. From here I send special greetings to all the crew. Hope you like it.

For next year students; try to enjoy the sunny/warm days like this. You can buy anything you need in Alepa (the supermarket of the campus) and in few minutes you can manage to find a place with a fire place. Of course, be careful with the fire, it is not allowed to make huge fires.

Adam, from Hungary

Anuka, from Spain

Flavia, from Italy

Hugo, from France

Matúš, from Slovakia

Barbara, from Austria

Tre crew enjoying the shadow. It was super warm!!!
And here is a proof of how the seagulls try to take our food...or just enjoy making noise... 

spontaneous-planned grill* (I named it like that cause we knew we were meeting but we didn't arrange what we were bringing, so it was kind of messy...lets just say that we had to go twice to Alepa...)

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