The day Finland scored 6-1 to Sweden...

Last Sunday 15th of May, the final of the Hockey World Cup was played in Bratislava; Finland and Sweden gave us a delightful match (0 - 0) (1 - 1) (6 -1)
Gold medal for Finland!!!! From here I give my very special congratulations to the hockey team, they really deserve such a victory.

So, for second time in this month (as we had wappu already) everybody went to the streets to celebrate the Gold medal with the players. I have never seen Helsinki so crowded, and, what makes it better, with all the people around partying and enjoying the win of the national team.

So many people in Aleksanterinkatu

Suomi flags everywhere!
Check this out...senate square!!!

What else? Spontaneous fast food

You can find all the information in:

And tomorrow... Villa Mairea!!

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