Living in Otaniemi - Sweet dinners with friends

As some of you already know, I'm living in Otaniemi since I came in September. In a very nice flat located in Servin Maijan tie 6A at about 9 km from Helsinki and 1 km from Tapiola, in the east edge of Espoo.
So today's post is to make sure next year students know how comfortable is living in Otaniemi, and why it does really worth try living here.

Why I tell you this today is because as far as many of my colleages from school live here too, we meet very often to have dinner. In my Miri+Anuka's flat (my flat), in JMT 1A Hugo's common area (he lives in a cell room), in JMT 5 Matúš place (he shares the flat with 2 finnish guys), in JMT 1B Laura's common area... Sometimes we meet in the guild's room located in the ground floor of the Workshop building (as most of us are studying architecture)... and so on and so on.

Basically, we have very nice times sharing our architecture ideas, cultural values, and loads of interesting knowledges. Between us, there are very few native English speakers so we are improving our English more and more and many times funny things happens, such as vocabulary issues. For example, we are talking about something very specific (cooking) and there is the name of a weird vegetable that each of us know the name in our own language but nobody knows it in English. So then, we ask everybody how he/she says that thing in his/her language adn we compare the differences. Of course we are having new skills in different languages as French, Spanish, German, Slovak...

The cultural experience is one of the most significant of this year abroad, and I'm glad I've opened my mind so much. In this post I wanna thank everybody from Aalto University 2010-2011 the very best moments we are sharing.

Hugo's place. 20th February
9th April, Hugo's place. Delicious meat+rice+mashed potatoes+pancakes... 

6th March. Table football at Mikeli's place, amazing tournament that finished in Bratislava Yogurt.
15th March, very nice German dinner at home.
Hugo's place, improvising some pasta, beers, music and salad.

Hugo's place, 11th February
11 February, After dinner party at Tjark's place
8th March. After dinner discussion about wooden shell structures.  
29th March, Tortilla de Patata at Matúš   
22nd February, Matúš preparing his amazing schnitzels
20th February, some spanish cheese at Hugo's place
9th March, Miri+Nuk small party at home, good people, good music, best times.
15th March, Miri making German food. Delicious!! 
Hugo's place, 24th March. Dinner after swimming-pool. Schnitzels by Matúš
PS: If there is anybody mentioned in this post that wouldn't like to have a picture in my blog please, feel free to let me know by sending an e-amil to or give me a call, text me, tell me at school...whatever 
The aims of this blog are to show next year students how live goes in Otaniemi, and to have a good memory of this year abroad.
Cheers :)

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