Finland, place of peace

If there is something I'm getting from my experience abroad, is, with no doubt, the real feeling of peace.
Here in Finland life is not stress, life is no worries and feeling afraid. Here, life tastes different, might be because of the climate, also because of the people...

Nowadays I am very busy with my Wood Studio submission, which is next I'm most of the time working and I have no time to hang out with my friends to have some fresh air and nice parties. So what I basically do, is twice a day go for biking around the campus, so I can explore the area now we have no snow and also I can take pictures to show you how beautiful is Otaniemi. On my last sleepless night (yesterday's) I recorded several videos of the birds singing and the sun rising, here I leave them so you can realize the very nice atmosphere I work with.

The aim of this post is to show you how powerful is the nature is this country, and how through it, we can enjoy our life otherwise.

Breaking the sky

Sunrise from my window. 16th April

23rd April, 4:15a.m. Once more, sunrise for breakfast

Today's sunset in Aalto Campus



Otaniemi's paths are great for jogging. But I bike :)

Who would leave this?
This is my favorite video of the birds singing, sharing this is a must. Hope you like it.

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