The best Handcraft store ever!!!

On Wednesday Carmen came to Helsinki for a few days, as anyone could expect our first stop has been the best HandCraft store I have ever seen; Hobby Point.

Hobby Point, easy to reach from Kamppi
Located quite close to kamppi, in Fredrikinkatu, they have a website but it's in finnish, and if any of you enjoy handcrafting, check this post out because you will definitely freak as you have never done.

They have ANYTHING you could ever need. AMAZING. Architecture people go quite often, so there we can buy interesting stuff for the models,  and I, personally, go there to buy things I enjoy doing on my spare time. As words are useless in this cases, I leave you here a bunch of pictures I took with the boss permission.

Remember: Hobby Point

Entrance from Fredrinkinkatu

Carmen discovering Hobby's universe

Beads - Abalorios

Feathers - plumas

Fabrics - Telas

Colored wire - Alambre de colores

View of the 2nd part of the first floor

Stationery land

Paper and more paper

Anything you could ever need

My fav. Eyes!!

Crafts freak

Digging on the wool

Examples of what you can do

Look at that!


Felt of every color!!!

metalic thread


Stuff for doing candles

Basement, models area

Do you need a lamp?

or maybe some sticks?

Yeah, anything you could need

And, of course, I haven't showed everything they have. We were there about 2 and a half hours, bought quite a lot of cute things, and some other to crafting. I'll show my piece of art when it's done, I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

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