Vertical City - The beginning

To show you that here is not just traveling and going to hockey matches, among other stuff like dinners and visiting cities, today I wanna show you a piece of the work I've done for one of the 3 studios I'm currently doing this semester. The studio is called "The City Rejuvenated", teacher Tommy Lindgren (replacing Antti Ahlava) + professor Trevor Harris. Last week we did a workshop at the Design Factory and from now on we'll develop our vertical micro-city.
You can find more information of the studio at

We had the first tutorial at Paja to check how we are going to develop the vertical city. For those interested in big scale urbanism I make this post, so you can follow my work.

First ideas of vertical living
Rules for parametrical and controlled growth
Main typologies start to appear
Typologies and functions
Current situations and respected buildings
New path, new grid. Reorganizing the public space 
New character, areas to attend

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