Ski Games in Lahti

After an amazing weekend in Lahti, I can only recommend next year students to travel around Finland as far as they can, trying to know when these nordics events take part and being part of the Finnish culture, so there you can find the real finnish soul.

Taking advantage that the ski games were gonna take part this weekend (from Friday to Sunday) we checked the trains form Helsinki to Lahti and did a short excursion there. Luckily, we have a friend whose mother lives there and she hosted us (thanks you a lot Aura!!!) It was a very nice weekend, with typical nordic sports, the common cold, and a beautiful city to discover also in the summer.

Nuk enjoying the way

But those who ignore it, Lahti is a city located on the way North from Helsinki, take around 1hour to get there from Central Station and the student price of the one-way ticket is 7,40€.

Lahti in finnish means Bay, the city is located on the southern edge of the lake Päijänne, the second largest lake in Finland. As an important issue I'd say that you can go by boat from Lahti to Jyväskylä and as right now the lake still frozen, you can go country skiing from one city to the other camping on the way over the ice or doing breaks in the islands you find on the way. Amazing.
Nuk on the train, mandarin power

I recorded a video on the train to show you the feeling of the snowy landscapes, one of the most relaxing experiences I've ever had. We could also have a nap in the train :)


And there we go, SKI GAMES EVENT, thanks Matissek for some of the pictures

Arrival of the Nordic Combined

Typical fried fish tents (8€ for a few of them)
Finnish supporting their jumpers

Amazing feeling, watching the guys jumping... this is a short scene of a trial of someone from Estonia


Ski jumps by the end of the event
Panomara of the stadium. Click to enlarge
View from the room Aura provided us
Sunday morning we went to Church of the Cross, by Alvar Aalto, but it is worth its own post...more info soon!!!

This is for next year students, or everyone curious enough;
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