Church of the cross - Alvar Aalto - Lahti

As I told you on the post before, last weekend we went to Lahti. On Sunday morning, after a very nice breakfast (thanks once more, Aura) we visited The Church of the Cross, by Alvar Aalto.

The church, also known as "Ristinkirko", is located in Kirkkokatu 4, in the centre of Lahti, easily reachable.

Lahti has always have a wooden church in that location, but it was demolished by the year 1977 and there are still people nostalgic for it.
Alvar Aalto designed the Church of the Cross and positioned it under the trees that used to shade the old wooden church on the top of the hill. The branches let light into the church throughout the course of the day creating an unique atmosphere.
If you stand by the facade of the windows shaping a cross, you'll see the town hall in front of you.

It is open from Monday to Friday 9-18 and Saturday-Sunday 10-15

I warmly recommend to all Lahti visitors have at least a glance to the indoor space, very characteristic of Aalto's architecture.

Here are some pictures to share. Enjoy!!
thanks Matissek for some of them :))

Very first view
Greetings from Aalto
God is in the details
The silence...
And the sounds of the architecture
Traveling with architects has many advantages
Aalto's rhythms
Riddle structure, huge span
From the upper floor
The Choir...the sound of silence
Pieces of the outside

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