Stockholm - Public Library - Erik Gunnar Asplund

This weekend we have done a short trip to visit Stockholm. We got a great deal coming by plane on Friday morning and returning by boat tomorrow afternoon. We will arrive to Helsinki next Monday soon in the morning, so we can continue with our lectures.

I'd like to show the most interesting building I've seen around Stockholm, no doubt Asplund Libary is the first of them. I must own uo I started to cry when I saw it. So many years studying this building, and finally t was in front of most shocking architectural feeling. Hope you enjoy the pictures at least half I've done with the building.

Using underground, stop Radmansgatan going to Stadsbiblioteket....

This little child couldn't stop looking at the dome...the monumentality of the Library is magnetic.

Model at the Museum of Modern Art of Stockholm (building by Rafael Moneo)

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