Stockholm - Cementerio del Bosque

Last weekend, in our short trip to Stockholm we had the great opportunity to visit the Wood's Cementery Complex, aslo known as Skogskyrkogarden

It's very close to the city center, you can easily reach the place by subway (using the green line, stopping in Skogskyrkogarden) The night before it was snowing so we found that beautiful place with a smooth snow coat over it...incredible! If you are planning a trip to Stockholm, you should definitely add this place as a must. Great atmosphere designed by Eric Gunnar Asplund and Sigurd Lewerenzt.

On our way

Main entrance, there were people visiting their relatives

Path to the crematorium

It was very cold, but it's worth

Panorama of the crematorium's complex


Walking among graves

Chapel of resurrection (Lewerenzt 1925)

Visitors center (design by Asplund 1923, renovated in 1998)

Woodland Chapel (Asplund 1920)

Woodland Chapel (Asplund 1920)

Woodland Chapel (Asplund 1920) 

Woodland Chapel (Asplund 1920)

Entrance to the Woodland Chapel

Cementery map, very useful and not easy to find.

For further information, visit its website

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