Visual Arts - This is a Set Up

Today I did my set up for Visual Arts 3, lecture taught by Petteri Nisunen. 
Thanks Matissek for helping me to hung it from the window, otherwise I couldn't have done it!

The aim of the project is to use everyday materials and give them a different meaning while they work with the sun creating a new atmosphere.
The diminishing of daylight hours was taken as a reference to develop this new atmosphere, which will help the onlooker to enjoy the sun in a new way, evoking new feelings.
Conceptually, the project works contrasting concepts, so every observer will get its own critical. 


From the very beginning the idea was to do a set up in busy space, so people could interact with it, and even be able to modify it.
The architecture department was chosen because of its good location and the size and orientation of the windows. Anoter reason is that this department is a busy building, with wide corridors and big spaces. Students go by very often and they would to appreciate a new atmosphere located somewhere for a short period of time. Several sketches were needed to consider the size of the art work and the relation the walls have with the indoor spaces.

At the beginning, the idea was to create some kind of tunnel or threshold in somewhere outside, where we could enjoy the contrast of concepts. As the weather is getting colder and the sun light more dificult to reach, I needed to go upper and closer to an indoor space, because people use the outdoor spaces just for going from one place to another and not for delighting.
The surface of the windows were the perfect place to develop a new surface which could inter-actuate with the sun and the atmosphere of the building.

PLASTIC BAGS_ From a cheap supermarket
AIR_ easy to find
KNOTS_ typical one
DOUBLE-SIDED TAPE_ to stick the bags between them and with the window
TIME_ for delighting
SUN_ main character





Extra info for next year students and whoever wanna know some more about this:
Petteri+Grönlund official website

Helsinki - Winter Land

En el Campus...nieve y hielo con una media de -10ºC los últimos días y unas 6h 15min del sol al día (y menguando) Se agradece la nieve, da mucha claridad, y el ruido que hace al pisarla me gusta tanto...nunca lo había oído tan de continuo.

El edificio principal a medio día nos regala unos reflejos asombrosos

Postales navideñas en cada rincón

Caminos que la gente hace...ya que la nieve los ha sepultado

En la ciudad, todo es distinto. El mar se empieza a congelar, la gente por la calle escasea descaradamente, no se mantienen conversaciones y sólo se sale al exterior para desplazarse. Hace mucho frío.

Vistas de Töölönlahti (literalmente, el Lago de Töölö, en el noroeste de Helsinki), al fondo el parque de atracciones, la montaña rusa es de madera.

Fui a visitar el Finlandia Hall por dentro, pero no me dejaron...tendré que volver a algún concierto, no me lo quiero perder!!

Nieve everywhere

Stockholm - Cementerio del Bosque

Last weekend, in our short trip to Stockholm we had the great opportunity to visit the Wood's Cementery Complex, aslo known as Skogskyrkogarden

It's very close to the city center, you can easily reach the place by subway (using the green line, stopping in Skogskyrkogarden) The night before it was snowing so we found that beautiful place with a smooth snow coat over it...incredible! If you are planning a trip to Stockholm, you should definitely add this place as a must. Great atmosphere designed by Eric Gunnar Asplund and Sigurd Lewerenzt.

On our way

Main entrance, there were people visiting their relatives

Path to the crematorium

It was very cold, but it's worth

Panorama of the crematorium's complex


Walking among graves

Chapel of resurrection (Lewerenzt 1925)

Visitors center (design by Asplund 1923, renovated in 1998)

Woodland Chapel (Asplund 1920)

Woodland Chapel (Asplund 1920)

Woodland Chapel (Asplund 1920) 

Woodland Chapel (Asplund 1920)

Entrance to the Woodland Chapel

Cementery map, very useful and not easy to find.

For further information, visit its website

And winter came to Otaniemi

Sin avisar, de un día para otro, los termómetros se congelaron. Bajó la temperatura radicalmente y empezó a nevar por la noche...a la mañana siguiente todo estaba blanco, no hemos vuelto a subir de -2ºC así que la nieve dura. La previsión de aquí en adelante es nieve, algún día claro y temperaturas entre los -3ºC y -12ºC

Bienvenidos, empieza el invierno en Finlandia