Urban Renewal - Visiting Imatra

Last Tuesday and Wednesday we've been to Imatra, a city located in the South-East of Finland, quite close to Russian's border.

Fortum, the most important Hydroelectric company in Finland and Sweden, has given us the opportunity to develop a project in an area that currently belongs to the company and is going to be sell with an achitectural idea related with housing for workers, tourism, culture and nature values...as we want. 

The company has said that if there is any project which ideas are considered good enough to be sell, they will subsidize the ideas and make sure the pupil can develop his/hers project with a construction company.
Even if we don't win, its a good way to get introduced in the real world of architecture, and it's our opportunity to built a better place to stay.

Here I leave some pictures of the site and the trip we've done. Hope you enjoy it.

Aerial picture of the site.

Beginning of the analysis: Natural connections.

Antti Alhava, our teacher introducing us to Fortum's manager and Imatra Mayor.

Some of the students showing their first analysis. María Giramé (Barcelona), Luis Daniel Valero (Monterrey), and Charlotte Nyholm (Helsinki). Every group has a finnish student, in order to understand the information easily.

Visiting Fortum's Hydroelectric Power plant.

Section explaining how the Power Plant works. Like a big dynamo.

Views of the water after going through Fortum's Power plant.

Professor Trevor Harris giving us some advices near a sauna close to the river.

Central part of our site. Quite beautiful. Nowadays few Fortum's workers are living there.

More low density forest with some wooden housing. What to built in here?

Some landscape on the North area of the site, here we can find some protected houses.

As there is a huge Power plant in the west side of the area to develop, we can easily find many power lines crossing the sky. We have to consider them to built our new landscape.

Having a walk through the forest we found some pieces of art.
This chain must be done from one only trunk. That's really crazy!!
She is María, a student from Norway

Timber names. Isn't it amazing what people ca do in Timber Land?

Last quick view of the South area. We have beautiful views of the river Vuoski and the Lake Mellonlahti.

My group and I did a video for the presentation for the area. Hope you enjoy it.


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